Monday, 19 November 2012

8 Steps to prevent Diabetes

Diabetes, a common disease among Indians, is a condition in which the blood sugar or glucose present in the blood rises abnormally. Due to the lifestyle that people in India follow, they are more inclined towards the disease. However, we present 8 Steps on how you can prevent Diabetes.
Exercise. Please! – There is nothing as good as an effective workout session that helps you prevent Diabetes in many ways. Regular exercise helps you maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and also lowers your blood sugar.
Increase Fibre intake – Make Fibre rich fruits a part of our daily diet. Fruits like Banana, Apple, Nuts, Beans etc.  can significantly cut down the risk of Diabetes. The intake of fibre rich food also helps in losing weight giving you a sense of fullness. 
Say NO to Sugar – Ban Junk Food intake from your daily routine. Or, atleast should be kept at minimum. Junk food is high on processed sugars, salt and fat. Therefore, home-cooked meals which are rich in vegetables and whole grains can help you lead a healthy life.
Quit Smoking – The risk of developing Diabetes is double in people who smoke in comparison to people who don’t. Quitting smoking will not only decrease your risk of diabetes, but of many other diseases as well.
Cut Down on Alcohol – Binging on alcohol can lead to increase in body weight as well as blood pressure. Limit your alcohol intake to a manageable level in order to avoid Diabetes..
Balanced Diet – Optimum nutrition is what your body demands to avoid diseases like Diabetes. Provide your body with optimum level of nutrition. A balanced diet is one of the classic and best ways to control your blood sugar and also your risk of diabetes.
Choose Good Fats - Polyunsaturated fats should form a significant part of your diet. These fats are considered as good fats as they can help in lowering the risk of diabetes. Vegetable oils and oil from nuts and seeds are the main source of Polyunsaturated fats.
Get Frequent Check-ups- Early detection of diabetes is one of the best ways to effectively prevent it from getting worse. Get your blood sugar levels tested every three months so that you can take extra precautions if chances of diabetes surface.
Therefore, if you follow a simplistic lifestyle which incorporates exercise and a balanced diet, you can always stay away from the danger of Diabetes.

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